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Concrete Sealing New City, New York Concrete is like a giant sponge; it absorbs water, harsh chemicals, UV rays, and de-icers, all of which damage concrete. Sealing your concrete with The Concrete Protector’s Concrete Sealer can protect it from all these issues and keep it looking spectacular. Trusted to protect the Oldest Concrete Street in America! Summer beats up on your concrete & Winter knocks it out! No wonder it’s starting to pit, pop, crack, and flake. The Concrete Protector’s Concrete Sealer works by penetrating into the pores of the concrete and then creates a protective barrier. Economical, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t change the texture or color of the concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my concrete be more slippery after application? No. The Concrete Protector does not change the appearance or the texture of the surface.

Q. Is it a layer that will wear off? No. Unlike film-forming sealers, The Concrete Protector is a reactive penetrating sealer that chemically alters the surface of the concrete, creating a water-resistant membrane that protects the surface from water penetration that causes damage.

Q. Is Your Concrete Sealer Environmentally Friendly? Yes. Our sealer was formulated with the environment in mind. It is safe and zero VOC. It even meets stringent California South Coast AQMD Requirements.

Q. Can I apply this to my concrete if I have had a sealer on it in the past? In many cases, yes. It depends on what kind of sealer was applied and if the sealer has been worn away. Most “cure and seals” will pressure wash away. We suggest doing a sample area first. If you notice a yellowing of your sample area, there may be a sealer inhibiting the penetration of the sealer.

Q. How long before the concrete is ready for traffic? 12-24 hours.

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