Scientific Concrete Polishing | New City, New York

Our efforts in delivering top quality polishing are constantly being improved as our industry makes new advances. Our trained team, quality products, and best equipment all help us ensure that our concrete polishing services are top-notch, efficient, and affordable. American Concrete Coatings  delivers the best concrete polishing and are dedicated to serve our customers with superior products and equipment.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Attractive Gloss and Light Reflectivity
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • High Wear Characteristics and Scratch Resistance
  • Safety – tested and approved to the high standards of NFSI – National Floor Safety Institute
  • Oil and Water Resistance
  • Increased Density and Hardness
  • Ability to create new color options through dyes (stain)

Concrete Polishing is Perfect For:

  • Warehouses (distribution centers, shipping and receiving)
  • Factories (power plants and manufacturing plants)
  • Institutional Flooring (schools and universities, hospitals, museums, churches, nursing homes, jails and prisons, fire stations, stadiums, municipalities)
  • Military Buildings (aircraft hangar, military commissary)
  • Oil and water resistance
  • Manufacturing (automobile, food and beverage, pharmaceutical)
  • Retail (drugstore, dollar store, beer and wine store, beverage, hardware store, auto parts store, big box store, grocery stores)

Contact us today for a free quote at your home or business – we’ll be happy to explain the process and benefits of the this system!

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