Residential Concrete Flooring | New City, New York

Residential concrete flooring covers all types of areas, but offers the same protection throughout. From basements to patios, decorative concrete is a versatile material that works in many different environments. If you’re looking to protect and design your home’s concrete spaces, residential decorative concrete is the choice for you. For spaces that need durable, long lasting, and decorative flooring, decorative concrete can meet all your needs.

Your home’s interior floors are an important part of your home and decorative concrete is a great option to consider. Basement and living room floors can benefit greatly from the durability and seamless surface a decorative concrete floor offers. Choose from concrete stains, stenciled patterns, and epoxy coatings to give your home a unique decorative look.

Exterior spaces like patios, porches, and walkways also benefit from the superior protection and aesthetic charm of decorative concrete. Get the high end decorative patio you’ve always wanted with any of our concrete services. Add a custom look to the outside of your home with decorative concrete walkways, patios, porches, and more. Our decorative concrete services bring a unique aesthetic charm to your existing concrete to give you an outdoor space that is attractive, durable, safe, and that matches your home’s décor. Get these charming looks for an affordable price with any of our decorative concrete systems.
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